Friday, January 8, 2010


We have recently began the remodel on our kitchen. Originally when we bought the house, we had decided that the kitchen would be the room to do over completely and so last Saturday Kaylen and I got to rippin' it up!! It was actually super fun! Now though, we have a mess! From plumbing being messed up [not by us] and random holes in the ceiling [not from us]'s just a mess!

With our taxes, we are going to make the 3 hour drive back to IKEA and get the remaining counters and cupboards to finish it all up. We have most of the stuff but stupidly didn't actually measure the kitchen before our last trip up there! *smack to the forehead!* It will look great once it is done though!

Kaylen has been super busy since he has gone back to work since Christmas leave. It seems like the people at his command hate their families so they keep the guys away from theirs as much as possible! He deploys this year again and for the last time while in this command! Hallelujah! Before deployment he will be gone all the time and possibly miss his bday and valentine's day again. Hopefully he will be here for our anniversary!

Nixon and Noah are keeping me busy and driving me up the wall! Such is the life of boys! Noah just had his 3rd birthday and I can't believe he is already 3!! It seems like only a few weeks ago at this point that I was driving to the hospital on Christmas morning and in the afternoon there he was! He is such a funny kid... even when he is makes me laugh and keeps me sane! Both the boys keep asking Kaylen and I for "a baby Carter...." [our friend just had a baby and his name is Carter...] except Nixon wants a "baby Carter sister." Funny kids huh?!

My New Year's resolution [unofficially because I don't do those] is to keep hitting the gym and making sure it hits me back! We have had a membership to the YMCA for a few months now and between the holidays and what not I haven't gone as much as I want but I have dropped about 13 pounds now and I am trying to build my knee back up as well as my asthmatic endurance. So hopefully this time next year, I will be back down to the 130 area. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway.... Here are some more recent pix from the holidays and what not!!

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Jim and Sara said...

I must say - I love the shirtless sugar cookie baking. :) I miss those little guys!